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You already have decent underwriting revenue.

Perfect.  You pay a straight commission.  Expect to pay about one-third (33%) of underwriting cash sales every month, depending on your revenue.  If you have appreciable revenue, the percentage may be lower.


The commission rate remains steady through the life of your contract with Underwriting Wave.  Your cost of sales will never exceed the contracted percentage of revenue.


You don't have much, if any, underwriting revenue.

First of all, you're not alone and it's not hopeless.  We'll get some for you.

We will agree upon a flat monthly retainer that decreases every year over 3-4 years, plus a commission on sales.  In the first year, expect to pay no more than you would pay a new, salaried sales rep.  Every year thereafter, the retainer will decrease until it reaches zero. The goal is to enable Underwriting Wave to begin raising money for your station while gradually replacing the retainer with commissions as clients come on board.


Travel Reimbursement

While Zoom certainly facilitates underwriting sales, we still firmly believe in face-to-face client meetings.  So, Ron will travel to your market with some regularity.  Plan on 4-9 market visits per year, depending on market size.   Budget about $1,500 per visit.

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