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Any station.  Any market size.
TV or radio.
The last sales rep you ever need to hire.

How It Works

It's simple, really. 


Underwriting Wave replaces your sales reps. In a traditional sales setting, one person fulfills all of the duties associated with underwriting sales: creating packages, prospecting, closing and getting spots on the air.  Underwriting Wave performs the same tasks, but more efficiently.


The key to attracting and retaining sponsors is effective packaging.  The numbers have to work - for everybody.  Underwriting Wave brings more than 20 years of sales experience to the table to create compelling, sustainable packages that keep underwriters on the air for years.


If a market is large enough to sustain a public broadcasting station, there are enough sponsors in that market to make underwriting profitable.  Sales is a numbers game, which is why Underwriting Wave compiles lists of hundreds of prospects in each market.

Every several weeks, we contact a subset of potential sponsors from categories that have proven effective over decades: health care to financial services to the performing arts.  Because we have employees who are solely focused on prospecting, we can contact far more prospects than a traditional sales rep.


Closing is the process of advancing from a proposal to a contract.  We call this "Getting to yes."  It requires discerning what a client needs, then finding a way to deliver it.  Closing is simple in concept, but difficult to do well consistently.  That is why Ron handles the closing process himself, traveling frequently to each market to meet with prospects personally to "get them to yes."

Spot Creation

Underwriting Wave helps sponsors create compliant underwriting announcements.  We help clients write their scripts.  Our staff also gathers images for TV announcements.  Once we have the elements, we forward them to the station for voicing and video editing, if required.

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