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Outsource Your Underwriting Sales

Any station.  Any market size.  TV or radio.
The last sales rep you ever need to hire.

How does it work?

It's simple, really.​

Underwriting Wave creates a handful of packages customized to your station.  We compile a database of prospects in your market.  Every several weeks, we contact a new category of potential sponsors, like health care providers, financial services companies, or arts organizations.  Respondents are referred to Ron, who typically travels to the market every several weeks to meet with new prospects personally.  Ron personally manages prospects through to a signed contract. 

After signing, Ron's personal assistant shepherds the client through the spot production process.​  I
n our experience, that works very effectively. 

Most stations below market 40 or 50 have a few dozen sponsors at most.  It doesn't take a full-time employee to manage that number of clients, nor are there typically enough prospective sponsors in smaller markets to merit full-time prospecting.  Many underwriting contracts are annual - or should be - so they don't require a lot of maintenance. 

In short, in many markets smaller than 40 or 50, having a full-time underwriting sales rep is overkill.  It makes more sense to outsource sales. 
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